Adventures in Arting
omnia mihi lingua grecea sunt
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I really want to do one of those, “If you reblog this, I will do [x],” things.  But I don’t know what I would do.  I’m afraid that if I do something with drawing I’ll get burned out and end up abandoning it and then I’ll have more anxiety over it.

So. Any ideas on what I could do?

#I mean I could try drawing something simple for people if that's what everyone wanted. #I just think it's a neat idea. #And I like doing nice things for people. #no one cares HC shut up #that's your queue

  1. tremendiouslytori answered: Drawing simple little cute things are good, or perhaps you offer your insight on a fandom they reblog or.. or… *brain explodes*
  2. akiwitch said: Fics or compliments? XD
  3. elfgrove answered: You could put a limit on how many you’ll do, which is the reasonable thing I’ve seen folk say.
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